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At Lighthouse we translate business, marketing and entrepreneurship theory into practical know-how. Taught by practitioners rather than academics, our small group workshops are interactive and encourage critical discussion, peer learning and a focus on the practical application of the topics covered. Our workshops are delivered by practitioners who work in the field and bring many years of 'lessons learned' and tricks of the trade to the workshops - the kinds of things you won't necessarily find in a textbook.


Upcoming Workshops 

6 June 2022 - Using financials to tell your growth story

Your financials tell your growth story - get an insight into what a lender, funder, investor and judging panel looks for.

DFK Everalls, Canberra Business Chamber and Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre are excited to co-host the next International Business Connect event in the lead up to the ACT Export Awards. Whether it's a potential investor, business partner, grant manager, lender or even for an award submission; being able to use financials to validate your business growth story is very important.

Your financial statements back up your story with data and analysis, painting the picture of

  • what you have accomplished to date;
  • where you are going;
  • and what it will take to get you there.

On Monday the 6th June you will hear from a panel of speakers who will provide insights and tips into using your financial data to tell a compelling growth story. You will get an insight into what a lender, funder, investor and judging panel looks for in your finances and how to fund your next export endeavour. You will also have the opportunity to network over drinks and canapés.

The panel includes:

  • Robert Shelton, Managing Director, DFK Everalls will speak about how to navigate the opportunities in overseas markets (taxation, business and local employment rules) as well as using your financials when applying for award programs such as the ACT Export Awards.
  • Anna Pino, CEO of Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre will speak about debt funding and general grant funding.
  • Anne-Marie Perret, a Canberra-based angel investor, will highlight what Angel Investors look for in your financials.
  • Gemma Hansen, Export Solutions Pty Ltd will speak about Austrade's Export Market Development Grant (applications open 31 May – 5 July) and how to apply for it

Event details:


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