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The Business Expansion Series: Minimum Viable Legal Protection

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The Business Expansion Series: Minimum Viable Legal Protection


Legal advice is expensive, and lack of cash is becoming an all too common reason for businesses not always getting all their affairs in order. Let's face it many businesses, particularly early in their life, copy things like privacy policies and terms and conditions off the Internet – but does this really provided the protection you need?

What about contracts? Do you know what to include in your contracts or more importantly how to read the fine print before you enter into a contract with a customer, partner or supplier? What about the relationship you have with your co-owners, partners or staff?

At some stage you will need to engage a lawyer, but how can you better prepare yourself to ask the right questions and make sure you set yourself up on the right footing.

This workshop helps you to build a tailored checklist of issues that you need to consider as part of your legal tool kit. The format allows for a discussion with subject matter experts and peers to work through shared experiences.

Topics covered will include:

  • All things agreements – shareholders, partnership, joint ventures, non-disclosure and MOUs
  • Terms and conditions
  • Warranties and penalties
  • Key contract issues – Payments, the deliverables, confidentiality, liability, IP and termination
  • How to use all things social media (blogging, Twitter, Snapchat etc.) and not get sued

Lighthouse - Unit 6, 65 Tennant Street, Fyshwick ACT

$150.00 (+GST) for all-day workshop