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Creating a Great Online Presence

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Creating a Great Online Presence


Your understanding of your audience (or lack of) directly impacts on their experience, whether you're designing a website, app or social media campaign.

Have you considered how they think, what catches their eye, the mistakes they make or the 'work-arounds' they have developed?

This workshop series taps into the psychology of design to help you develop engaging and accessible online content that meets the needs of all your users.

These workshops will cover:

  • Understanding what motivates your customers and the jobs they are trying to get done
  • How to be considerate of your user – what is the Reservoir of Goodwill and which 8 actions can you take to keep it full?
  • How to use colour, symmetry and peripheral vision, and understanding how your users read and focus to help you design the flow of your tasks
  • Designing for thinking errors and knowing when to encourage System 1 vs. System 2 thinking
  • Understanding the importance of story in design and how people's self-stories affect behaviour
  • The anatomical reality of designing for smartphones – how far does a thumb really reach?

Lighthouse - Unit 6, 65 Tennant Street, Fyshwick ACT

$55.00 (+GST) per person, per workshop
$150.00 (+GST) for all 5 workshops