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Governance for a diverse client group

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An Australian research ICON an international agricultural business and managing the ocean inbetween

In 2006 CSIRO teamed up with French company Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients and the Grains Research and Development Corporation to work on wheat varieties with higher levels of amylose and resistant starch which provide numerous health benefits. Arista Cereal Technologies Pty Ltd (Arista) spun out of this relationship. The technology developed has been taken to market by several third-party companies in the US, Asia, and Australia.

In 2021, Lighthouse took over the role of company secretary for Arista. The company is registered in Australia but has its CEO and two directors based in France and one director based in Australia. Apart from having to learn a lot about the intricacies of plant breeding and the complex world of intellectual property surrounding this, Lighthouse provides a number of key services to the Arista board:

  • Attend board meetings, take minutes, and follow up any outstanding actions.
  • Financial management of all income and expenditure, including withholding tax in third party jurisdictions, working with the companies nominated accountant and auditor to prepare end of year reports. Provide monthly reports to the founding entities.
  • Managing all bank accounts and relationships with the ATO and ASIC.
  • Preparation and submission of annual R&D Tax rebate application.
  • Provide support in relation to ongoing third-party breeding contracts.
  • Providing advice on Australian corporate requirements and ensure these meet European requirements.
  • Supporting the board in other ways as required.

Lighthouse has also supported several smaller corporate boards in Australia, including through the sale of the company and a range of not-for-profit boards. But this is one of a few multi-jurisdictional companies that maintains an external party company to provide its governance support and advice.

Each board is different, and Lighthouse takes a human-centred approach to understanding the key strengths of board members and where targeted support is needed. Lighthouse is open to learning new skills and about new industries and shares this with board members to help them with their ongoing skill development needs. Lighthouse also works with a range of not-for-profit boards providing services such as:

  • Review the organisation's strategy (clients have included the ACT Writer's Centre, Parentline ACT).
  • Refocus the organisation (clients have included Inanna Inc, PaperChange.).
  • Determine the best corporate structure for the organisation going forward (clients have included Circus Warehouse, Canberra Potters).
  • Reviewing funding options and structures (clients have included Rebus Theatre and Luminescence Chamber Singers).