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Marketing Mentoring

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This is a hands-on approach to teaching the basics of cost effective strategic marketing.

Whether you are new to business or running an established enterprise our approach will work for you because it is tailored to your specific skill level and needs.  Whether you are running a bricks and mortar business, are internet savvy, or selling your goods and services through market stalls, this program will address your marketing needs.



The program will provide a structured mentoring program for entrepreneurs to learn basic marketing skills and apply it to their business.

At the end of the program, you will have developed a 6-month marketing action plan.


How it works:

The entrepreneur works together with a Lighthouse Commercialisation Manager through the following two key stages of preparing a marketing plan.

Stage 1:

  • Identifying the 'pain' in the market – what problem does your solution solve
  • Articulating the Unique Value Proposition - What is your unique value proposition?
  • Competitive advantage – understanding what sets you apart from your competitors
  • Customer segments - Identifying and prioritising customer segments
  • Key partners - Who are your key partners or collaborators and what do you need from them?
  • Channels - Through which channels do your customer segments want to be reached
  • Customer relationships - What type of relationship does each of your customer segments expect you to establish and maintain with them?
  • Cost structure/Revenue Streams – What service or product offering do your customer's value and what are they prepared to pay for it?
  • What outside factors will impacting on your ability to market your product or service – market forces, macro-economic forces, key trends and industry forces


Stage 2:

Once the above foundational work has been completed, work begins on the marketing action plan and includes:

  • Linking business goals with communication objectives
  • Developing key messages and an action plan for each customer segment
  • Completing a 6 month action plan/calendar of marketing activities. These include routine marketing tasks as well as 'special' projects that will build profile.



The entrepreneur meets face-to-face (or via Skype/phone) with the Lighthouse Commercialisation Manager during this process at weekly or fortnightly intervals. The entrepreneur is provided with a Marketing Action Plan template and tasks to complete at the end of each meeting.  The Lighthouse Commercialisation Manager provides feedback and comments on these tasks and raises issues for consideration and research where necessary.



$3,000 (+GST) paid upfront.



3 Months, includes up to 6 meetings plus feedback on tasks.


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