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Entry 29 Program

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E29LogoThe Entry 29 Program Summary (2021 and Beyond)


Vision for Canberra and Region's Entrepreneur and Innovation Community

The Entry 29 brand will be maintained by Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre (Lighthouse) and will be used on all future activities as described in the program below.


Who is this program designed to serve?

There are many different contributors to the Canberra region's innovation ecosystem, including

  • Entrepreneurs – starting, growing and exiting
  • Ecosystem facilitators – including Government playing a supportive role and adopting a macro perspective; universities; research institutions; investors; mentors; and commercial service providers.

The 8 principles that will guide the delivery of the program

  1. Entrepreneurs need to drive the startup community.
  2. There needs to be a long-term commitment to developing an innovation ecosystem that provides continuity beyond funding cycles, election cycles and the careers of key individuals.
  3. The startup community must be inclusive of anyone who wants to participate in it.
  4. The community needs to be 'mentorship-driven' – where entrepreneurs, mentors and other ecosystem facilitators are encouraged to share their knowledge, experience and provide support.
  5. The ecosystem is porous and not bound by geographical and other boundaries – startups will leave Canberra, but still leave a footprint here; employees will move between companies; newcomers will come to Canberra and people will leave. The focus should be on building networks not boundaries.
  6. The ecosystem should be allowed to grow organically.
  7. There is no hierarchy amongst startups – everyone can learn from each other.
  8. There needs to be a culture of giving back.

 What is the desired outcome?

The goal of this program is to grow a sustainable startup community by focusing on ongoing renewal and creating a pathway for anyone who would like to be involved in the community – entrepreneurs and ecosystem facilitators alike.

Creating an Entrepreneur Pathway Creating an Ecosystem Facilitator Pathway
  • For the individual entrepreneur's journey.                                                                                                
  • To accessing business, financial and emotional support.

  • To participate in activities that meet individual needs.

  • To give back to the community.

  • To funding and support to the next stage of the journey.
  • For experienced investors to share knowledge with new investors.

  • For mentors to challenge, spark debate, provide actionable advice and constructive feedback.

  • For accountants, lawyers, marketing consultants etc. to understand and engage with the startup and innovation community.

  • For Government to understand the needs of the community.


What does this mean for Entrepreneurs?

Virtual incubation

Entrepreneurs work through growth challenges at different rates, often-circling back to deal with issues again; the need for assistance does not follow a linear path. Therefore the Entry 29 education program will include subsidised virtual incubation services on a just-in-time basis for entrepreneurs to access when and if they need it. Services will be tailored and will include supporting access to programs offered by other providers, supporters and facilitators in the broader ecosystem. Entrepreneurs can book in for a free initial consultation (up to 90 minutes) by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phoning (02) 6163-8300. Services will support entrepreneurs at all stages and will include

  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Supporting the individual's choice of external programs/workshops
  • Opportunities for informal peer support
  • Introduction to opportunities for funding support (grants, debt, equity)
  • Clinics with specialist advisers

Entry 29 'Start Something' Week

A week of activities, educational events and informal social gatherings to support those who are prepared to give something a go.

An annual Guide to the ecosystem

A quarterly free information session titled "Business Funding and support in the ACT" will be provided that highlights the different sources of funding and support in the Canberra Region. An annual downloadable booklet on the support available will be developed and made available to entrepreneurs and Ecosystem Facilitators.

Canberra Business News

Lighthouse started Canberra Business News in 2014 as a result of the declining media landscape in Canberra and the challenges faced by startups in attracting media interest. This online publication has grown considerably in the past 6 years with readership both nationally and internationally. Startups and ecosystem facilitators are invited to contribute their stories at no cost.

What does this mean for Ecosystem Facilitators?

Entrepreneurs often need to navigate the complex requirements of financial management, compliance, governance, due diligence and partnership breakdowns. There have been many suggestions from both entrepreneurs and ecosystem facilitators as to how these requirements and relationships could be improved or enhanced. This program will focus on supporting ecosystem facilitators such as service providers e.g. accountants, lawyers, business consultants etc.; experienced investors and potential investors; mentors etc. to better understand the Canberra region innovation ecosystem and startup community through

  • round table discussions
  • educational events
  • networking opportunities

Ecosystem facilitators will also be invited to share their stories, knowledge and overview of their service offerings through Canberra Business News.


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