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Consultancy Services

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A range of specialised services aimed at making it easier for you to focus on the core activities of your business.  These services could be hourly or retainer based depending on the activity and the required time frame.



Lighthouse provides the resources to manage a range of outsourced and advisory activities, including:

  • Business reviews and assessments to determine internal issues and provision of recommendation based reports.
  • Set and facilitation of workshops and associated reporting.
  • Program development and implementation.
  • Strategic input into reports, programs and policy.
  • Event management including; assisting with identification of appropriate event format and themes, coordination and financial management.


How it works:

Each engagement is negotiated with key outcomes and appropriate performance measure identified.  Work in progress meetings are held at agreed intervals and review meetings as required.



Lighthouse works in a way that complements your work load.  Services are delivered as a combination of face-to-face and virtual to allow flexibility for our clients.  To ensure costs are managed and that skills are transferred to the client, the consultancy is usually structured as a 'we do it for you' component and a 'we do it with you component'.  This sits within the overall Lighthouse philosophy of capability development for our clients.

Lighthouse has facilities in-house to host meetings for 12 people and seminar style events of up to 26 participants.  If these facilities are not appropriate work will be conducted on the client's premises.



Hourly Fees: $120.00 (+GST)/hr for event management. Other rates negotiable depending on skill set required.

For engagements of 6 months or more a monthly retainer can be negotiation at a discounted hourly rate.


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