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Business Foundations

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A tailored one on one program to support the development of entrepreneurial companies - helping you to navigate through the business issues relevant to the stage and needs of your business.



The Lighthouse Business Foundations Program supports you with your business development, whether your goal is to attract investment, find a first customer or manage change in your organisation.  You will work with a Lighthouse Commercialisation Manager to establish a set of priorities and milestones to help achieve consistent progress in your business.

At the end of the program you will have developed a set of benchmarks and goals to work towards and have the skills to achieve them.


How it works

We don't want to run your business, so we focus on skills transfer and capability building to give you the best opportunity to achieve sustainability and success.  You get an individualised work-plan with specific activities related to your business goals and we provide an opportunity to meet subject matter experts if required.  The issues covered include

·      Are you in the right head space and clear on your long term goals?

·      Reviewing your business in terms of business model, corporate and financial structure and risk management.

·      Is your product viable?  What are you selling and who to?

·      What is you Unique Value proposition for you customer?

·      Are you charging the right price?

·      How will you fund the business when cash is tight?

·      Options for growing your business using internal or third party funding.



We meet fortnightly one-on-one either face-to-face or virtually to discuss progress on set activities and allocate tasks for our next meeting



$3,000 (+GST) 



Up to 3 months with fortnightly meetings (6 meetings, plus allocated activities and feedback).