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Festival of Ambitious Ideas: The Art in Everyday

Festival of Ambitious Ideas showcases some of the innovative businesses and initiatives in Canberra across a variety of sectors.

The theme for this Festival was 'The Art in Everyday'. Our speakers from a range of industries and sectors challenged the audience to see the art in everyday life; from multimedia and video production, architecture and city planning, industrial design, food, lifestyle, photography and art. Our speakers talked about the influence of the aesthetic and the practical when it comes to their businesses and projects.

Festival of Ambitious Ideas is proudly sponsored by the Canberra Airport.



The Art in Everyday Speakers:

Dorte Ekelund, SMEC

Tim Reardon, The Canberra Distillery

Nick Johnson, Nimic Productions

Kim Allison, Graze Expectations

Tom Skeehan, Skeehan

Karlien Bentley, Denman Prospect

Candice Addicoat, SCENE

Dan Maginnity (byrd), Muralist & Visual Artist

Jennifer Baird, Trove Canberra

Neil Hobbs, Harris Hobbs Landscapes

Hilary Wardhaugh, Hilary Wardhaugh Photography

Greg Hewitson, 42 Lines letterpress

Chris Neal, Eclipse Lighting and Sound


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