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Epicorp Development Loan Fund

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The Epicorp Development Loan Fund (EDLF) is designed to assist with the costs of business development and growth for those businesses not in a position to take on bank debt or not seeking equity investment.

The funds may be used for a range of purposes including (but not limited to):
  • Servicing the needs of current customers or to capture new sales.
  • Developing new skills and knowledge that will help the business develop further/faster.
  • The costs of equipment/materials required to service an existing or upcoming contract/project.

The EDLF is available to businesses in the ACT and surrounding region and can be used to supplement other forms of support accessed by the business to address funding shortfalls for specific projects.

The EDLF provides a limited number of low interest rate loans to eligible companies seeking to grow or further develop their existing business. The program also provides loan recipients with access to some mentoring and networking opportunities.

Loans of up to $20,000 are available to eligible companies. The loans will attract a 5 percent flat interest rate and will be repayable in no more than two (2) years. The loans are unsecured, but evidence must be provided that the loans can be serviced from current and future business income.

The program is agnostic of industry sector and any eligible business from the ACT and surrounding Region is able to apply.

Some examples of how the EDLF funding may be used are:
  • To structure the business for growth into other markets and regions.
  • To purchase new equipment, software or materials to enable the servicing of a contract.
  • To restructure a company to better accommodate growth and other company objectives.
  • To acquire management skills and capabilities that will aid company growth and other objectives.

The following activities are examples of what may not be eligible under the EDLF:
  • Social media activities unless part of a broader marketing strategy.
  • The purchase of vehicle or equipment unless it can be clearly demonstrated how this will help the business grow.
  • Education and training unless it is a specific skill set required to help the business grow.
  • Travel unless it is required to manage/finalise a commercial transaction.
  • To service existing debt.

Eligible companies must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Be an established company in the ACT and surrounding region (with an ABN/ACN).
  • Have an existing product or service (Note that this loan is not intended to support prototype development or start-up companies).
  • Have the agreement of all shareholders and board members if required, to take on the loan.
  • Be able to support the loan without imposing undue stress on the business.
  • Companies have an annual turnover less than AUD$1m and cannot obtain traditional debt financing and are not seeking equity investment at this stage.
  • The applicant company can demonstrate how the loan will help the company grow.

Applications will be reviewed by, and applicants may be required to present to, a three member panel comprising a representative nominated by each of the following organisations:

  • Epicorp Ltd.
  • Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre Ltd.

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