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Celebrating a year of interesting people doing interesting things at Festival of Ambitious Ideas on November 29th


Canberra is full of problem solvers who have the drive, talent and inventiveness that can be harnessed to launch new ventures and create new industries.
"Beta Festival' is the theme for the upcoming Festival of Ambitious Ideas, a unique event filled with ideas and viewpoints from all corners of Canberra.

The quarterly event is a collaboration between local innovation consultancy, Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre, and the Canberra Airport. It is designed to be fast-paced and informal, following the Ignite format where speakers each only have 5 minutes to tell their story and 'ignite' the audience.

"The Festival of Ambitious Ideas provides a platform for the intersection of different fields and disciplines; where academics, public servants and entrepreneurs; experienced speakers and students can all engage in conversation," says Anna Pino Lighthouse CEO.

The inspiration for the event comes from the Medici family, who in 15th century Italy were instrumental in bringing together scientists, poets, artists and architects in the town of Florence. Here they swapped ideas, learned from each other, and collaborated. This brought about one of the most creative and innovative periods in history - the Renaissance.

"The Festival of Ambitious Ideas brings together people in Canberra who are prepared to give things a go and do something bold," says Ms Pino.

The speakers for this Festival of Ambitious Ideas include:

Kate Freeman – The Healthy Eating Hub

  • Dr Andrew Horsley – Quantum Brilliance
  • Rachael Coghlan and Kate Nixon – CraftACT
  • Linda Cavanagh - Canberra Cyber Security Innovation Node
  • Olga Imbriano – Bellelis
  • Brad Butt - Mens Health Downunder
  • Jennifer Edmunds – Place Logic
  • Emma Hamilton – YouGoCo
  • Alaa Habeb - Emudent
  • Lisa La Maitre – Therapy Masters
  • Stephen Trowell - PPB Tech
  • Jess Brice – Feather and Barb
  • Tim Larsen – Smartblox
  • Kathy Ehmann - Community Toolbox Canberra
  • Shannon Pickles - Lightning Rock


The Festival of Ambitious Ideas will take place at the Brindabella Conference Centre, Brindabella Business Park from 5:30pm on the 29th November 2019. Tickets can be purchased at https://betafestival.eventbrite.com.au


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