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Presentation Skills

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Presentation Skills


The ability to communicate and present your ideas both formally and informally is essential for success in the modern workplace.

Being able to present a clear, persuasive story through presentations has fast become a fundamental requirement in the workplace. In fact, presentation skills have a role to play in almost every job there is. If presentations aren't delivered well; managers fail to inspire their employees; sales aren't made; entrepreneurs don't get funded; ideas don't get shared and progress is halted.

This full day, interactive workshop will include a range of activities and exercises to help you build upon and improve your approach to delivering presentations, and will cover such topics as:

  • Content (choosing your topic, organising your talk, telling your story, openings, transitions and closes)
  • Delivery (emotion, language, humour, verbal and non-verbal delivery)
  • Design (Slides, video, presence and props)

Lighthouse - Unit 6, 65 Tennant Street, Fyshwick ACT

$150.00 (+GST) for all-day workshop