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Funding Preparation

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Lighthouse has worked with many companies pitching for funding.  Lighthouse itself has received both grant funds and third party investment – we share our experiences with you.



To assist you prepare your funding pitch.  To secure funding is not just about the idea, but also rather about the people and how you sell you idea.  We will work with you to understand the 6 key elements of a pitch, the assumptions that you need to make to ensure the pitch is believable and how you justify those assumptions.  We will take you through the financial projects and how you should present them.


How it works:

We meet with you to discuss the idea or business you are seeking funding for.  During this meeting we clarify the various issues outlined above and then ask you to prepare a 1 and 5-minute pitch and then we get you to pitch to us.

We provide honest and critical feedback and review your revised pitch deck and presentation prior to you start your investment road show.



The initial meeting and pitch review meetings are conducted face-to-face.  Following on meetings can be in person or virtually.  Comments and feedback on drafts are managed via a shared platform such as Google docs.



Hourly Fees: $150.00 (+GST)/hr (a maximum number of hours will be agreed prior to the engagement starting).


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