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Application Preparation

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Based on many years of experience advising on and helping to prepared funding applications, Lighthouse can be part of your team.  Preparing an application with a chance of success if a time consuming and often frustrating task.  We work with you to simplify the process by sharing tips and well-established techniques.



To assist you prepare and submit applications that stand out because they are focused, concise and answer the questions actually asked.  We also discuss any market research requirements that may be required to complete the application.


How it works:

We meet with you to discuss the project you want to submit the application for (whether grant, loan or investment funding).  During this meeting we clarify the project description, value proposition, market viability, funding requirements and use of those funds and growth strategies.  We run through the key requirements of the application itself and then ask you to prepare a first draft.

Lighthouse reviews the draft and then we meet to suggest changes and highlight any areas that need further validation or supporting evidence. At this stage you can decide to complete the application or we can complete it for you.  If you choose to complete the application we will revise additional drafts until you believe it is ready to submit.



The initial meeting and draft review meetings are conducted face-to-face.  Follow on meetings can be in person or virtually. Comments and feedback on drafts are managed via a shared platform such as Google docs.



Hourly Fees: $150.00 (+GST)/hr (a maximum number of hours will be agreed prior to the engagement starting).


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