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Festival of Ambitious Ideas: Home Grown

Festival of Ambitious Ideas showcases some of the innovative businesses and initiatives in Canberra across a variety of sectors. The theme for this event was 'Home Grown' and showcased a range of organisations and projects that have built on the uniqueness of Canberra - its landscape, people, industries and personality to create innovative businesses, events and programs. Our twelve speakers talked about their inspirations; challenges they have faced along the way and future opportunities they see for Canberra.

Festival of Ambitious Ideas is proudly sponsored by the Canberra Airport.



Home Grown Speakers:

Dane Liepins, Corin Forest

Philippe Odouard, XTEK

John De Margheriti, Academy of Interactive Entertainment

Frank Cassidy, PSNews

Antonio Mozqueira, Climate Change Policy - ACT Government

Jenny Edwards, Light House Architecture & Science

Roger Ta, Canberra by the Glass

Yumi Morrissey, Zilpah tart

Dion Oxley, Quizling

Marisa Martin & David Tynan, Suitcase Dollhouse

Sunny Forsyth, Abundant Water


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