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Festival of Ambitious Ideas: Female Innovators

Festival of Ambitious Ideas showcases some of the innovative businesses and initiatives in Canberra across a variety of sectors. The theme for this event was 'Female Innovators', and celebrated some of the female CEOs, founders, inventors and innovators working on interesting projects in the ACT region.

Festival of Ambitious Ideas is proudly sponsored by the Canberra Airport.



Female Innovators Speakers:

Dr Naomi Mathers, ANU Research School of Astronomy & Astrophysics

Caterina Giorgi, For Purpose Australia

Hala Batainah, Microsoft Australia

Lorinda Wyatt, Zoo Group

Dr Joy McCann, Senior Researcher & Historian

Professor Sudha Rao, EpiAxis Therapeutics

Lana Mitchell, The Nest at Gundaroo

Sheryle Moon, Spinify

Monica Penders, ScreenACT

Priya Katti & Nastaran Nemati, Seeing Machines

Erica Hediger, The Creative Element

Alison Plevey, Australian Dance Party


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